Ukrainian mom thought she was having twins, but doctor was speechless after seeing ultrasound

People have said that having a baby is a gift from God. If that’s the case, then God must have been really generous to this Ukrainian mom and her husband. The couple from the small Ukrainian town Odessa was already blessed with a three-year-old daughter when Oksana Kobletskaya found out she’s pregnant once more!

The couple was thrilled to find out that they would be welcoming another member of their family. Due to the Ukrainian mom’s bulging belly, she thought that she was carrying twins. However, their happiness was replaced with fear after seeing the result of her ultrasound.

In an interview, Oksana recalled how her feelings of elation quickly evaporated after seeing the look on her doctor’s face:

“When I saw the shock on the doctor’s face, my heart stopped for a moment. Then I heard him mumbling something like: ‘You deserve to get a big house by the sea…I can see five fetuses, maybe six. It’s hard to tell.”

The doctor was shocked to see not one, not two, but five fetuses! After it was confirmed that she is indeed carrying five babies in her womb, the Ukrainian mom became a sensation in her country. Understandably, this is the first-ever reported case of quintuplets in Ukraine.

Not to mention that bearing quintuplets is an extremely rare event. According to a report in Newsner, the odds of having quintuplets are only one out of almost 48 million pregnancies! Aside from this statistical improbability, what overwhelmed the couple is the immense responsibility they will face. The husband was quoted as saying:

“It takes time to process this kind of news. I mean, how would we manage to take care of so many children.”

The Ukrainian mom’s pregnancy is more sensitive and considerably more difficult than a normal pregnancy. That being said, it was a miracle that she encountered no complications that could leave lasting damage to her babies. Though it requires more attention and special care than usual, her pregnancy went through without much hassle.

When she was about to deliver, the Ukrainian mom was attended by eight medical professionals to ensure that her birth will be safe. Finally, after a lot of sweat and blood, she gave birth to three boys and two girls via cesarean section whom they christened as Daria, Alexandra, Denis, Vladislav, and David.

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