Philippines to enjoy ‘new beginnings, income growth’ in 2018: feng shui expert

The year of the “Earth Dog” is expected to be the Philippines’ year as the country was born under the same Chinese zodiac, an international feng shui expert said Saturday.

“The feng shui winds favor the dogs’ sector. The disappointments and misfortunes of the past should dissolve,” said Marites Allen, a feng shui master who lends her services to the likes of Washington Sycip, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, and Boy Abunda.

“New beginnings are on the horizon, income growth is very possible,” Allen said in her annual feng shui convention.

Those born under the Earth Dog sign usually have “very, very active” spirits and are “born to achieve many great things that will bring honor to the country,” Allen said.

Fire elements that are present in the country’s birth date also make Filipinos “very expressive and prone to anger or dissatisfaction about many things.”

“Watch out for more aggressive personalities,” Allen said.

She did not clarify if the aggression would arise from politicians, celebrities, or ordinary citizens.

In 2018, most Filipinos are expected to “do their own thing” than rely on others to achieve their goals.

“More Filipinos will be interested in making their own thing going. Self-awareness will be high, and there will be changes in lifestyle,” she said.

Allen said luck in love, wealth, and heath would vary from one Filipino to another, but adorning homes or wearing certain elements may help increase good fortune.

Metal elements attract cash, water helps rake in profit and influence, wood increases sales, earth affects assets, while fire boosts.