You have to see the impressive three-story townhouse of Ryzza Mae Dizon here

Not many of us can afford to buy a house of our own but child wonder Ryzza Mae Dizon did just that and even designed her own!

According to Trending News Portal, Ryzza Mae bought two cars and a three-story townhouse for her family following the rise of her career as an “Eat Bulaga” regular. She was also the host of her own program, “The Ryzza Mae Show.”

The source mentioned that it took her (and her mother) six months to discover what would become their newest sanctuary.

Ryzza Mae saw a “townhouse for sale” sign in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. The rest, as they say, is history.

The child wonder focused on building her own dream house, where she actively sought for a circular dining table instead of a typical rectangular one.

If you enter their dining area, you will see an elegant mix of black, grey, and white elements. The chairs are also transparent but its seats are comfortably furnished with black leather.

Their living room area has the same motif – grey, white, and black.

A huge grey sofa can be found in the space, along with similarly colored pillows. In addition, her trophies and awards are displayed on a clear shelf facing the sofa.

Ryzza Mae Dizon also commissioned another living room on their third floor, where a grey couch with cuddly pillows dramatically steals the show.

A “kiddie room” could also be found on the same floor, where Ryzza and her siblings Nicole and Nathan can play together.

The room has child-inspired colorful bedsheets where they could lie down and rest after their jolly playtime.

For her own room, Ryzza designed it in the color of pink, from her wallpaper to her printed bedsheets. She also has her own battery-operated car that was gifted to her by veteran singer Pops Fernandez.

Her townhouse was also featured in YES! Magazine’s Celebrity Homes 2015 issue. It’s an indication that Ryzza Mae has certainly achieved her dream house, despite her young age.

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