What celebs would ask Cupid about love?

It’s a day before Valentine’s. Do you know where your heart is? Since we, Pinoys, are suckers for V-Day, Cupid ought to have a monument in malls nationwide.

In the spirit of fun, I asked some celebs, “If Cupid existed, what would you want to ask him about love?” Beware of that Heart’s Day “angel” who’s armed and dangerous.

How uncanny that Valentine’s Day this year also happens to be Ash Wednesday. Perhaps it’s Cupid’s way of reminding us that love can die if we let it. It’s up to our hearts if Feb. 14 will be a red-hot or red-alert day.

Bela Padilla: I would ask Cupid, with whom did he first fall in love, that made him so happy to share the love?

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Bela Padilla

Derek Ramsay: How can the same love cause joy and pain in equal parts?


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Derek Ramsay

Aiko Melendez: Is love worth all the sacrifice and trials that come with it?

Andre Yllana: Does “forever” exist ?

Jasmine Curtis-Smith: I will ask Cupid to keep my current love flourishing.

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Jed Madela: Why do people make you fall for them and, once they have your heart, they suddenly walk away?

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Yayo Aguila: Is it worth liking someone again? I’m too afraid. Jaded, actually. I’m such a happy, positive person, but there are days when I doubt myself. Please, help me out.

Richard Poon: Why do people hurt most the one they love?

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Ai Love U’

Ai-Ai delas Alas has been through it all in the name of love. And now that she is finally living “happy ever after” as Mrs. Gerald Sibayan, the comedienne is definitely in a Valentine mood.

Catch her on Feb. 14, 8 p.m. in “Ai Love U’ at Palacio de Maynila (on Roxas blvd.) with special guest Piolo Pascual. Get ready for one solid laugh trip and kilig overload.

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