Mom bod’: Michelle Madrigal learning to love, enjoy post-pregnancy weight

MANILA – Nearly three months after giving birth, TV star Michelle Madrigal is still “a work in progress” when it comes to accepting the changes in her body as a new mom.

On Instagram, the 29-year-old actress opened up about “slowly learning how to love and enjoy my body weight now,” accompanying a photo of her in a gym outfit.

“Not gonna lie,” she said, “it is not an easy thing to do knowing that I’ve never weighed more than 115 lbs in my entire life. I do have some flabby areas that need some lifting but I am definitely loving the size of my behind now (thanks to pregnancy).”

Madrigal added: “All I’m saying is… We all heal differently post-pregnancy and we shouldn’t beat ourselves too much if we don’t lose the baby weight right away, specially seeing other women do it her on social media.

“But it doesn’t mean that we should be complacent of what we have just because we had a baby. Being a mother shouldn’t hinder us from taking care of ourselves. Snap back when you’re ready and make yourself proud.”

Madrigal, who had embraced a sexier image for her showbiz career, welcomed her first baby with partner Troy Woolfolk in October 2017.

Days following her giving birth, she shared how her life has “completely changed,” citing the demands of being a first-time mom and yet being fully content and happy through the difficulties.

“Motherhood is an amazing experience!” she said at the time. “Figuring out breastfeeding, sleepless nights, hunger cues and the lists goes on… We are sleep deprived, but like everyone says, it is worth every minute! I wouldn’t trade this for the world!”.

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