Liza Soberano reveals that she’s scared of seeing naked men

To capture the most beautiful girl in the world’s heart is not an easy feat. Guys should take note of this if they want to win Liza Soberano’s heart. Unlike most girls whose dream is to have a man with perfectly sculpted abs, the Kapamilya actress personally dislikes this feature.

In a press conference for their movie, “My Ex and Whys” last February 1, 2017, Liza shared her interesting preference in men.

She was asked about how she felt when her long-time on-screen partner, Enrique Gil, had a topless scene inside a closet with her.

The actress revealed that there was no hint of awkwardness between the two of them when the scene was shot. She said: “Sa totoo lang po, feeling ko, sobrang comfortable ako kay Quen, hindi ako naiilang!”

Liza looked to Enrique’s direction and further stated: “At saka hindi kita binabash or anything, pero sa totoo lang po, ayoko ng lalaking sobrang ma-abs!”

The fans present during the press conference started screaming after hearing Liza’s shocking revelation.

Liza recalled the moment in the previous TV series, “Dolce Amore,” when her co-star Joseph Marco, who is recognized for his six-pack abs, was required to go topless.

The actress shared: “Totoo po yun! Nung Dolce Amore, may scene po kami ni Joseph Marco na nakahubad siya sa harapan ko, hindi ko siya matingnan talaga!”

The beautiful actress admitted that she is scared of seeing naked men and said:

“Hindi dahil kinikilig ako, dahil… I don’t know! I have a phobia of seeing naked men. I don’t know. Hindi ko po alam, it distracts me!”

When asked as to why she didn’t feel awkward when she saw Enrique’s body, she answered:

“Kasi parang wala pong malisya pag si Quen! Parang katawan ng baby! Hindi niya kailangan ng abs para… you know!”

Even though his leading woman commended his body, Enrique said that he still needs to improve his abs. He said:

“Kailangan ko po para sa susunod na project!

The actor turned to Liza and proclaimed: “Pero, thank you para dun, sweet mo dun!”

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