EXCLUSIVE: Enchong Dee promises a ‘more daring’ role in ‘The Blood Sisters’

As part of the cast of ABS-CBN’s upcoming drama suspense series The Blood Sisters, Enchong Dee said he is starting off the year right. The actor and businessman shared why he feels more mature this year. “I was able to finish last year na walang utang. Because I constantly borrow money from the bank for my businesses and I finished the year without any debts. I learned yung being responsible I think and being accountable kapag ay isa kang pinasukang bagay ay I think ang goal ko is to finish that and to be able to pay the people that I need to pay,” he told PUSH.

While he is gearing up to open the fourth branch of his restaurant this year, Enchong said he would never turn his back on showbiz. “I think for show business it’s not really about the money but it’s for the passion and for the fulfillment you do when you do a certain project, yun naman yung drive mo talaga,” he said.

The 29-year-old actor keeps himself in shape with his favorite sport. “Swimming yes because it’s part of my personal advocacy and yung exercise, it’s something I need everyday kasi I think I’m more productive when I exercise,” he added.

In his newest teleserye, Enchong reunites with one of his original leading ladies Erich Gonzales who plays three identical sisters. “We’re all bold, we’re all hungry for something sexy and daring, parang ganun. Sinimulan ni Erich with Tanduay. Nowkapag nakita nila yung trailer ng Blood Sisters, mapapasabi niyo na lang na this is totally different from our last projects together,” he said.