Ex Girlfriend Ni Jovit Baldivino Natagpuan Na Ang Lalaking Magmamahal Sa Kanya Ng Tunay

Do you still remember Shara Chavez? To refresh your memory, this young woman was the ex-lover of Kapamilya singer Jovit Baldivino. Earlier in July 2017, Shara dropped a major bomb on social media after finally breaking her silence about the singer’s womanizing habits and excessive gambling..

Before their publicized fall-out, Shara and Jovit’s two-year relationship were blessed with a bouncing happy baby. However, things in their relationship quickly fell apart when the 24-year-old singer developed a few controversial habits that quickly took a toll on the young couple. The last straw was when Shara caught her partner with another woman.

The damage has been done, and the young mother had no more reason to cling on to their relationship. Because of this, it was with a heavy heart that Shara Chavez announced their breakup to public on June last year.

In an interview with PEP, Shara Chavez couldn’t help but turn emotional: “Dahil sa ginawa nila, naghiwalay po kami, walang magiging buong pamilya ang anak ko.”

This year, it seems like the brokenhearted young woman found solace in the arms of another man. On Instagram last February 3, the single mother posted a photo of her new beau, a certain Chris Drizzle who is a retired US Army soldier, as per Philippine Ultimate Showbiz Hub.

As seen on the photo, Shara’s overflowing happiness is apparent from her glowing smile! Indeed, it is refreshing to hear that the single mother has been doing well ever since her messy break-up with Jovit Baldivino.

Hopefully, her story will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to others out there who are still recovering from a failed relationship. On the other hand, many well-wishers from social media extended their best regards to Shara Chavez’ newfound love.

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