Duterte investigating three more appointees, says Palace spox

The Office of the President (OP) is investigating three more presidential appointees, spokesperson Harry Roque said Monday, a week after President Rodrigo Duterte sacked another government official.

In a television interview, Roque said the OP has received at least three more complaints against top officials.

“Let’s just say that the President always acts on complaints and I know of at least three complaints that have been received by the Office of the President,” Roque said on CNN Philippines.

“He never ignores these complaints. Now, but in fairness, he does his research and he always appoints an entity to investigate and when I make an announcement he always give me a copy of the report submitted to him after investigation has been conducted,” Roque added.

Roque said the complaints do not include that of former Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) administrator Marcial Amaro III, who was sacked last week for taking excessive foreign trips.

Before Amaro, Duterte also dismissed former Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor chair Terry Ridon over “unnecessary trips.” He traveled seven times before he was sacked.

“Let’s just say that he has given the message to everyone, that if you want to travel, if you want to make money join the private sector, you have no place in government,” Roque said.

The Palace official further said that at least 30 cops will be removed from service.

“I think it’s a minimum 30, that how much…30 policemen/personnel. If I am not mistaken, there would be at least 4 colonels,” he said.

Roque said last January 2 that Duterte was planning to ax some cops in the first week of the year. These police officers, Roque said, are facing different cases.

The National Police Commission said it is set to submit to Malacañang within the month the resolution on the possible dismissal of some 67 police officers involved in different cases.