Check out the life that former “Wowowee” dancer, Luningning, is living now

If you were a fan of ABS-CBN’s noontime show, Wowowee, back in the days, it is likely that you have also seen one of the show’s main dancers, who is always game to show her splits and cartwheels, Luningning. Ever since the performer disappeared from the limelight along with her fellow dancers, Milagring and Mariposa, we have had little to no updates about her current life. But what exactly happened to the former Wowowee dancer?

Luningning, whose real name is Lea Carla Santos, was born on November 8, 1984 in Cabuyao, Laguna. Luningning started dancing when she was four years old. She has been passionate with dancing ever since her elementary and high school days. Because of her perseverance, she became a professional dancer in Japan.

After her successful career abroad, she decided to come back to the Philippines. She enlisted herself to become a member of the ASF Dancers, the group of dancers known to perform for “Wowowee.” With alluring looks and exceptional dancing skills, she rose to stardom as Luningning in the noontime show.

In a previous interview with local magazine FHM, the performer acknowledged Direk Bobot Mortiz as the person who gave her the catchy nickname “Luningning” so that the audience could easily remember her.

Aside from Wowowee, the sexy dancer was also able to pose for local magazines such as FHM Philippines and MAXIM Magazine in 2008. Years have passed since she last appeared on our televisions, and some could not help but inquire and wonder how is the beautiful dancer doing in the present.

Fans of the former dancer would be glad to know that Luningning is now a successful owner and creative director of “Stardanz Fitness Studio” which specializes in dance and physical fitness. The studio offers different types of dancing and fitness activities such as Pilates, Belly Dance, Kali, Pole, Aerial Silk, Hoops, Dance Fitness, Stilettos and Jazz.

To know more of Luningning’s activities, you can follow her on her Instagram, with the handle luningning21.

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