Angelica Panganiban on loving Carlo Aquino again: ‘Pag-iisipan ko’

Carlo Aquino. Facebook/@carloaquino11. Angelica Panganiban. Instagram/@iamangelicap

It seems fans could not stop clamoring for ex-lovers Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino to get back together. The actress, being playful as always, once again might have just given netizens something to hope for, or at least smile about.

On her personal Twitter page on Tuesday, Panganiban first posted, “Bukas na lang ako magpapahinga. Mahal kita eh @padillabela.” (I will postpone resting for tomorrow because I love you.) Panganiban was possibly referring to her attendance of the premiere of “Meet Me in St. Gallen” where Padilla stars alongside Panganiban’s ex-flame, Carlo Aquino.

Image: Twitter/@angelica_114

Upon tweeting this, several followers of the actress could not help but involve Aquino once again in the conversation. One follower said that she wishes for Panganiban to love him again like before.

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@angelica_114

While another fan @CarGel_Official could not help but tease her idol “Sino? Si @carloaquino11?” (Who? Is it @carloaquino11?)

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@angelica_114

But it seems that @zhai_cargel was the gutsiest, as she commented, “Madam mahalin mo ulit yung leading man ni Bela… [yung] mine mo.” (Madam, you should love Bela’s leading man again… your “mine.”)

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@angelica_114

This was when the actress turned playful again, quoting the tweet that tagged Aquino and replied, “[Laughs] I will think about it.”

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@angelica_114

Panganiban’s response once again spurred kilig among her fans, who pleaded that she no longer think about it and just go for it.

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@angelica_114

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@angelica_114

Panganiban and Aquino have been on a roll lately, teasing each other through their social media pages, giving rise to speculations that the two might give their former romance a second chance.

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