Alleged former PA of Sinon Loresca speaks out

Earlier, Sinon Loresca found himself on the hit list after a netizen accused him of maltreating his personal assistant and assaulting another person at a bar in Ortigas. The online user, Drew Farhad Fernandez, narrated that the online sensation was pulling his PA’s hair in front of many people as well as twisting her wrist. As his PA was visibly in pain, Drew’s partner stood up and asked Sinon to leave and apologize only to be responded with:

“Why should I apologize to her, she is just my maid. I am a celebrity, I can do whatever I want and you cannot do anything about it.”

Sinon then released a video with his PA to counter the accusations thrown against him. His PA, Nadia, was seen all-smiles in the video while Sinon was explaining that he was not physically hurting her contrary to what Drew claimed.

“Kung ano ang nakita mo last night, misunderstanding lang ‘yon. Hindi ako nambubugbog, sinasaktan, o minamaltrato ang mga assistant ko. Maharot lang po talaga ako mga dabarkads, akala niyo binubugbog ko kayo, akala niyo sinasaktan ko kayo, sorry pero lambing ko po yun.”

However, it seems like this saga continues as a netizen who claimed to be Sinon’s former PA took to his social media account to reveal his bad experiences with the online sensation. He narrated:

“Wala sa ‘kin and liit o laki ng sweldo kasi para sa ‘kin it was a big opportunity na ang idol mo at pinanonood lang sa mga nakakaaliw na videos ay araw-araw mo nang kasama at pagsisilbihan pa. Pero totoo nga ang kasabihan na, ‘Malalaman mo lang ang tunay na ugali ng isang tao pag nakasama mo na ito.’”

The alleged former PA, Jefone Mariscal Panal, confessed that Sinon starved and verbally abused him in public. In one instance, according to his narrative, he experienced eating only a banana cue for lunch and even claimed that he was the one who pays whenever they go out.

“Marami pang kwento pero ito na lang muna, masyado nang mahaba, baka magkaiyakan pa, marami pang kababuyan yan na ginawa at kamalditahan.”

The netizen ended his recount, addressed to Sinon, with:

“IDOL & INSPIRATION kita NOON, pero nasira lahat yon.”

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