You will cry in this story for the 7 years old boy after what he doing to his sister

Having a sibling is more than just having someone to play with and to share your belongings with; it’s having someone who you can share your secrets and longtime wishes to. They are your best friend and your confidante who celebrates your achievements in life and sticks with you despite having problems. This was proven by a 7-year-old boy, named Zhao Wenan, in 2017 after he was spotted comforting his sister who was suffering from a lacerated kidney. The young boy’s genuine act instantly inspired a massive number of netizens all over the world.

The heartwarming incident was also published by China Daily, and managed to gather more than 150,000 mixed reactions and 11,271 shares on Facebook as of press time. Netizens also left heartwarming messages to the brother and sister, adding that they were really touched by the boy’s brotherly love for her. Some online users also expressed that they were hopeful for the girl’s fast recovery.

One netizen said:

“He is strong boy. He know how to Take care of her sister. I am proud of you. Stay humble more blessing to come in your life.”

Another Facebook user commented:

“Love it..many people suffer from different kind of diseaese stil no one to comfort them..but this little girl is lucky enough to have her lovely brother!!”

Many netizens also uttered prayers in the comments field and were expressing concerns towards the young girl’s health. Some were also probing how she managed to have a lacerated kidney.

Check out how the other netizens reacted to this incident.

Sports Injury Clinic says that kidney laceration occurs when there’s a blunt impact to the lower back region. Its symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, changes in blood pressure, blood in the urine, and shock that can lead to unconsciousness.

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source: facebook/elite newsfeed



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