Sad Story ” PROMISES” Ang pangako ay pangako

Sad story
Prologue: the promise will promise sometimes it is difficult to promise because it’s broken for short broke
Julius: oh dear
Kesha: why expensive?
Julius: do you have an assignment?
Kesha: no expensive. I forgot to do
Julius: I have your notebook
Kesha: why
Julius: I will make you a ass.
Kesha: good
Julius: WC love
Kesha: hehe
Julius: MA — oh my! It’s really expensive, just sleeping.
[ After 5mins]
Kesha: love
Julius: you are awake now
Kesha: is it finished?
Julius: yes i love it done
Kesha: Good fortune
Julius: there is no love, hehe
[I am kesha and my boyfriend Julius young we met each other because they were going to be close because there was a close token when I cry I gave me a flower he put on my ear]
Julius: Hey, she’s crying
Kesha: huhuhuh 😭😭
Julius: why are you crying?
Kesha: Papa exert
Julius: Why?
Kesha: he said he has a surprise for me. But no ahhhhhh i hate suprise
Julius: stop crying now
Kesha: huhuhuh 😭😭
Julius: {leave and return immediately}
Julius: flower
Kesha: for where?
Julius: for you (put on Kesha’s ears)
Kesha: Thank u
Julius: you are beautiful, goddess
Kesha: hehehehe, is it really?
Julius: yes.
Kesha: Let’s take pictures
Julius: CG
Kesha: Ayan
Julius: thank you, you smile too. Julius
Vigil: Vigil.
Julius: we’re already friends, huh
Kesha: Yes, we’re already friends
[Julius of Julius he is doing my assignment and project of course, I also help to help an affection genius he exert me up]
Kesha: you left me Julius Julius ready for me later
Julius: Kesha
Kesha: don’t talk to me
Julius: Kesha, why?
Kesha: (Julius) was punched)
Julius: Oh, oh. Are you angry with me kesha
Kesha: Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean
Julius: it’s okay, I know you’re a sulking because I left you a while ago, I just finished your project
Kesha: really?
Julius: yes
Kesha: thank you (embraced Julius)
Julius: *blush* Wc
Kesha: hey julius, you made blush
Julius: huh?
Kesha: Hey, Julius Crush I have ahehehe (you are so cute)
Julius: I don’t know you’re cute
Kesha: Hahahaha
Julius: my crush is my crush, ugh, I would like to court him, but we are still young
(until the high school they julius and Kesha)
Kesha: hi aunt there is Julius?
Jayra: just come in there, Kesha,. I’m going to leave again
Kesha: CG Aunt
Vigil: Julius. Julius
Julius: Vigil
Kesha: No?
Julius: hahaha yes
Kesha: I also have cookies
Julius: huh
Kesha: I did that
Julius: I am now
Kesha: Oh there. There
Julius: yikes, hahaha
Kesha: why are you laughing
Julius: my face
Kesha: I worked hard for that
Julius: ahaha
Kesha: (Julius Julius) laughs laugh
Julius: yum
Kesha: your joke
Julius: it’s delicious
Kesha: go ahead
Julius: hehe, thank you
Kesha: can i borrow your cell phone?
Julius: there
[when I borrowed the cell phone of Julius, I was surprised when I saw her wallpaper when we kissed my cheek.
Vigil: Julius maingi juice.
Julius: you’re okay, you are already choking, huh
Kesha: bkit wallpaper motto?
Julius: Sorry
Kesha: I am surprised
Julius: it is like
Kesha: oo
Julius: Ugh, it’s really delicious cookies
(I opened the fb of Julius Total, I didn’t log out with you anymore, she was hurt for me to be jealous, we don’t have a amp]
Julius: why seems to be my sad girl?
Kesha: I go home julius
Julius: hah, why?
Julius: What’s wrong with that. Fuck 😕 oh my FB, she is jealous. Hahahaha he is jealous, he loves me, hahaha, please court it
[in school]
Julius: Kesha
Kesha: ?
Julius: are you angry with me?
Kesha: oo
Julius: are you jealous?
Kesha: (run)
Julius: Kesha. Kesha wait
Kesha: why is Julius, okay?
Julius: are you jealous?
Kesha: yes I’m jealous Julius. I’m jealous because I love you
Julius: please repeat
Kesha: I’m jealous because I love you 😭😭
Julius: you are crying now, don’t cry, I love you too
Kesha: 😭😭😭😭
Julius: that’s right kesha don’t worry, you just love me nothing else
Kesha: 😭
Julius: can I be your girlfriend Kesha?
Kesha: Yes .
Julius: so let’s go
Kesha: yes let’s go
Julius: Yes, thank you, don’t cry okay
Kesha: Ok
Julius: we’ll be able to call
Kesha: CG love
Kesha: Mom my boyfriend, Julius
Keshyl: it’s good
Kesha: Hehe
Keshyl: Okay, just fix it
Kesha: what mom
Julius: Mom my girlfriend is my girlfriend
Jayra: that’s good, don’t fool him
Julius: Yes, mommy
Jayra: Good
Julius: it’s going to be here later
Jayra: CG is here for lunch and dinner
Julius: I hope it will go home soon
Guard: Kesha
Kesha: brother there is Julius?
Guard: just come in
Julius: he is that
Kesha: Hi, Aunt (kiss to jayra)
Jayra: Take a sit
Kesha: thank you
Jayra: Nanny put food on the table we will eat
Kesha: Oh, I’m still full, aunt
Jayra: Oh, let’s eat again.
Kesha: Hehe
Jayra: oh julius, I told you, don’t fool kesha
Julius: I will never deceive kesha mommy
Jayra: good. Hmm yaya put some dessert
Kesha: a lot of aunt
Jayra: I don’t want you to be hungry
Kesha: thank you, Aunt, so I’m full
Jayra: I don’t want to reject the food
Kesha: sorry po tita
Jayra: Let’s eat now. Julius show your girlfriend size you eat
Julius: it’s my mom
Kesha: Hahahaha
[until julius we graduate at high school college, we are also fat with course, one day I played him, hahaha, I have a lot of laughter during that day]
Kesha: dear sorry, I am not mkapunta there, okay. Get up now i brought you your favorite foods * pic of jollibee box *
Julius: Wow, thank you very much.
Kesha: hehehe, finish it, love
Julius; (opened the box)
[Julius Julius, Julius, the contents of jollibee’s box is nkitang.
Julius: expensive, what is this? Why is this banana filled?
Kesha: Love I didn’t say banana flesh that is what I just told you to finish it hahahahaha
Julius: you are so angry, I love you
Kesha: Finish it, hahaha
Kesha: dear 😊
Julius: good thing you went
Kesha: hahaha, it ran out of moba, I gave you my love
Julius: yes I ran out
Kesha: it’s really you might throw it away. I suffer from that
Julius: I ran out of love
Kesha: Good hahahaha
Julius: laughing more
[until a day I asked Julius buy lipstick]
Kesha: love
Julius: why do you love?
Kesha: Buy me lipstick
Julius: hah, I love a man. I don’t want
Kesha: don’t you like it? 😠
Julius: yes I don’t like
Kesha: so am I declining now? 😕😈
Julius: CG, love, I don’t want you to get angry.
[ After 10mins]
Julius: I love it here. What color is it?
Kesha: Pink
Julius: this
Kesha: Ice-cream looks like that’s what you love, please try
Julius: hah? 😲 love again
Kesha: CG that exert you love, don’t be maarti
Julius: yes it is
Kesha: your pic, then send me to me
Julius: CG. Send me love
Julius: hmmm, is it okay?
Kesha: try the red one
Julius: so expensive?
Kesha: CG love please
Julius: Oh there, please send it
Kesha: Hahahah
Julius: 😕
Kesha: come home now, my love next time, I will just buy that ugly
Julius: Pinagti, you love me.
Kesha: Hahahaha
Julius: oh my love
Kesha: Thank u mahal
Julius: I’ll make it up to you love. Let’s just look at it
Julius: do you know what you know?
Kesha: what?
Julius: you want to be starmagic for them, Angel Locsin, right
Kesha: yes dear why?
Julius: I did my love kesha star
Kesha: really expensive wow exciting. Please send me my love
Julius: wait
* pic of starmargarinne that the above has kesha *
Julius: there is a love
Kesha: what is this expensive? 😕
Julius: Kesha STARmargarinne
Kesha: ahh that’s why you’ll be ready for me later 😈😈😈
Julius: hahaha
[9 years of Julius since we were at 1 STYR HIGH SCHOOL UNTIL TODAY 3rd year college we are]
[NOT EXPECTED TO CANCER JULIUS STAGE 1 only when it was first then when he gets worse because of his loss]
Kesha: love why are you pale?
Julius: I don’t know how to love
Kesha: are you all right?
Julius: Yes, love is okay —- (lost consciousness)
Kesha: expensive. Dear. Dear
*Dialing tita jayra*
Jayra: Kesha, why did you call you?
Kesha: Aunt C Julius, but it’s sudden to lose consciousness
Jayra: take it to the hospital I’m going too
Kesha: CG Aunt
After 10 minutes, Julius of Julius arrived
Jayra: where is my child?
Kesha: she is inside her aunt
[the doctor came out]
Jayra: Doc, how is my child?
Doc: there is cancer, your child, ma’am. Stage 1
Jayra: hah?
Doc: can you come in?
Kesha: love you to fight, oh, don’t leave me, we still have promises
Julius: I will fight my love
[since I was the one who took care of Julius, I don’t go to his side when he did to me when he did to me before when he was sick, but I have a fever in her cancer, the
Julius: I love going to cook
Kesha: love you just sit there okay
Julius: I don’t want to be a burden
Kesha: love you are not a burden to me. I am doing this because I love you so expensive if you can be lumban
Julius: I will fight my love
[PAST 2 months increases the pain of julius dnala again in the hospital Julius]
Doc: until there are only you
Kesha: love you to fight, please
Julius: love you, promise to me when I’m lost, I don’t leave me
Kesha: love you don’t like that, don’t leave me
Julius: I won’t leave you anymore. As long as I die after me in the cemetery
Kesha: Love, why are you talking about that?/
Julius: as long as you promise me?
Kesha: huhuhuhuh 😭😭
Julius: I promise you love
Kesha: I can’t
Julius: I promise you love. Then don’t love someone else, don’t make something wrong for when you lost the other life together
Kesha: promise love
[I’m hurt to what he says the time that he brought us to the hospital]
Jayra: doc kmsta my son?
Doc: I’m sorry but your child is no longer
Jayra: what? That’s not true. Dtotoo that doc
Dok: Im sorry And Excuse me
Kesha: Auntie, what said?
Jayra: Julius is dead
Kesha: hah? That’s not true, aunt
[when I heard it immediately i run inside to embrace Julius]
Kesha: love 😭😭😭😭😭😭 love why? Huhuhuhu dear 😭😭😭 why did you leave me love 😭😭😭
[I just cry crying on that day until the kabao of Julius was brought to their house so that I lose my appetite to live because it’s the one who gives me strength
Kesha: love huhuhuhuh. 😭😭 love 😭😭😭
Keshyl: that’s enough child
Kesha: Huhuhuhuh not so mommy. Huhuhu
Keshyl: that’s enough
Jayra: Child, why did you give up? Right, you told me, you will marry kesha? Why, why are we just left? Baby, mommy will miss you, I know you’re in heaven now
Vigil: Huhhuhhuh 😭😭.
[until nilibing is Julius, I went out of the pain that makes me feel sick]
Kesha: ahhhhhhhhhh.😭😭😭 ahhhhhng. Sakiit 😭😭 huhuhuhuhu expensive. Expensive mo expensive
Keshyl: Kesha that is correct. Enough
Kesha: huuuuuuuuuhuhuhuhuhhh mahaaaaal
Jayra: child keep on your journey
[I was crazy when Julius] was lost
Kesha: dear how are our dreams? Huhuhuhuh
[after the funeral of Julius like I promise to him, I’m always there by the grave that is so important to the cemetery dibali that what I am doing is so much for the person I love it, and I was not able to watch him and a day he showed ]
Kesha: expensive. Love is this true I can see today
[when I saw julius hugged him tight is that he didn’t give him a very tight hug]
Julius: I love you home at home. It’s okay that I don’t want you to get sick thank you and you kept it. Take care always love you. I love you always, I’m always watching you in love, don’t cry, let’s do our dreams, don’t worry, I am always watching you. Go home now and I’m going up to the high love I love you so much until we see again goodbye
[after he said he suddenly disappeared
Kesha: expensive. Honey, where are you? Dear
[he said that he said I’m sad because I’m sad when I’m sad and I do one our dreams, wow, we are just two dreamt before I’m just one to fulfill today.