OFW Shares The Sad Story of Her Family’s Constant Demands in PH – Even Her Own Brother Called Her Selfish!

Overseas Filipino worker (OFWs) have a lonely and tiresome job.
While the being an OFW may have it’s perks like travel and the experience of a new culture, many of these Filipnos give up something crucial in return –  their time.
Time that could be spent on loved ones is instead dedicated to work in a foreign land.
OFWs will work in a place they aren’t familiar with or used to, just so they can provide the needs of their family.
They are willing to sacrifice their own happiness and (sometimes) safety to provide for the family they left back in the Philippines.
This is the real life viral story of an OFW nurse that works herself tired, only to be hassled by her brother’s demands back home.
In a post shared by the Peso Sense Facebook page, the nurse shared one of the hurtful messages she receives on a daily basis from her family. In this particular case, they’re demanding that she send them money so they can buy a new car among other things.
The nurse recalls the time she sent 200K in 2015 so her youngest brother can invest it. Unfortunately it fell through- she didn’t mind that it failed. Her older brother on the other hand had been requesting for any name brand shoes she can afford to buy – even though he has a stable job.
Now her family is nagging her to invest 150k for a family car even though the OFW has a family of their own. Then she received a text message from her brother accusing her of being selfish – even if she’s the one sending her nephew to a private school.
In the post she writes:
“Isa po akong nurse dito sa Canada…
Tumutulong po ako sa mga kapatid ko. Ang totoo nga po nyan 2015 nagbigay ako ng 200k sa bunsong lalaki namin sinundan ko para puhunan nia sa pugo. Nalugi po yun. Hinayaan ko nalang. Last year nagbigay po ako ng puhunan 30k para sa maliit ng groceries store..
Last December umuwi ako binigyan ko nanaman siya ng 25k pangdagdag phunan. Tapos ung panganay naman na lalaki namin kahit ano ipabili binibili ko po like nike shoes g shock or anything na afford ko hnd ko xa binibigyan ng pera kc may stable job naman xa.
Ngaun po gusto nila ibili ko sila ng sasakyan… ang gusto po magloan ung panganay n lalaki ng 200k ako naman 150k… eh may asawa nrin po ako may sarili na akong buhay dito.. at dahil hindi ko po napagbigyan ang mga hiling na sasakyan.
Ito po ang message ng kuya ko sa akin galit na galit keso makasarili daw po ako.. ako na po nagpapaaral sa isang anak ng kuya ko s private school 30,000 tuition fee.. nakatira na sa bahay sa ls pinas for free ako po may ari ng lupa sa ate ko ang bahay.. tapos makasarili parin daw ako. Nakakasama lang po talaga ng loob na parang ang gusto nila patayin ko sarili ko kakatrabho habang sila nagpapakasarap sa pinas.
Let’s try to remember that OFWs are people and not just work machines. They have responsibilities not only to their families, but to themselves as well. An OFW will readily endure the loneliness and hardship that comes with the work.
Let us learn to be thankful for the sacrifice they make.