The life of “OFW” is not easy, they work to foreign country and sacrifice. They go and find a job there, so that they will be able to earn money to support the daily needs and give a better future to their family left here in the Philippines.For parents who are not able to take good care of their own children because they are away and for children who cannot enjoy the company of their parents as they grow. They adjust to almost everything like language, their way of living, culture, customs ,beliefs, foods etc.

Having relatives in abroad is such an opportunity because not everyone can go there, work there and live there. Maybe because they don’t have enough money to support the needs and requirements to go abroad. Everyone wanted to work abroad although it is too far and a foreign country, because they know that they can only earn big money if they will work outside the Philippines.

Unfortunately, there are family who have relatives work abroad didn’t know how’s the life of being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), they didn’t give value to all the sacrifices that they did just to give them a good and comfortable life here in Philippines. They just put in there mind that they can buy what they want and go where ever they go or buy those latest gadgets just to impress others, they don’t know that sweat and blood flows to their relatives just to earn money. Some sacrifices that the OFW did are celebrating Christmas away from their family, celebrating their birthdays without their family, missed to see the growing up of their children and etc.

Not all OFW have good fortune in the foreign country, one of the issues of OFW’s are being abused verbally, physically, and emotionally, there are other worker too who died. Despite of that situation, there are many people dreamed to go there and work.They need to gamble their life just to secure the future of their family here.To all Families who have relatives who work abroad, value their efforts and sacrifices that they did because they will not work for the rest of their life there and you didn’t know how sad they are to be away from their family.

But, they are our hero too, why? because they give or share little to their salary or we can say they pay tax which help our country to earn more.Each one of them should be respected and give honored because of all the things that they did is not just only for their family but also to our country. Some of them bring honor just like being honest and loyal to their patients. Although Philippines once called ” THE LAND OF SLAVE “, the Filipinos didn’t care the discrimination of other country, instead they continue to work and prove to other country that even they are away from the Philippines, the Filipinos are united as one.

In foreign country, Filipino worker help each other, if someone is abuse by their employer, concerned Filipinos immediately report the incident and help as long as they can. They never let other Filipinos suffered too much because they know that it is not easy to be alone. Life is like a wheel, sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down, however, no matter where they are destined to be, they must move on as they put their trust to the Lord, but the Lord usually doesn’t show us to trust HIM.

Helping one another and keep on smiling no matter what happen while working in the foreign country are the best attitudes that Filipinos always have. They are truly the new “HERO” of our country, we must give thanks and respect to all the Filipinos work abroad and I am proud that I am a Filipino. Thank you so much.!!

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