Explore SoKor for 5 days – Php 20,00

🌸 Where to go : 🌸

🔺Nami Island
🔺Vivaldi Ski Park
🔺Garden of the Morning Calm
🔺Bukchon Hanok Village
🔺Gyeongbokgung Palace
🔺Everland Theme Park
🔺Dongdaemun Market
🔺Streets of Myeondong
🔺Lotte Mart
🔺Ewha Woman’s University ( Night Market )

❄️🌁What to do : 🎢🎡

🔺Eat Spicy rice cakes
🔺Eat corn dogs
🔺Try Ramyeun
🔺Try all the street foods in Myeongdong
🔺Try their legit samgyeopsal and seaweed soup
🔺Eat Chicken + Beer
🔺Drink Soju
🔺Try having coffee on a wintery cold night in one of the artsy coffee shops in Myeondong
🔺Try Skiing and Snowboarding
🔺Ride the amazing T-Express in Everland!
🔺Watch the changing of guards in Gyeongbokgung Palace
🔺Haul make-ups and skin care in Myeongdong and Lotte Mart
🔺Oppa Hunting

🎪Where to stay :🏚

We stayed at Seoul Global Hostel in Myeongdong. They offer free breakfast , 7am – 10am. Just go to their common kitchen which allows you to interact with other guests as well.

🇾🇹Visa Application : 🇾🇹

There are many guides in the internet regarding visa application that can help you if you’re planning to visit SK. Just submit all the required and accurate documents and you’re good to go! For the show money , I can suggest to have atleast P10,000/day x (# of days you’ll be staying in Korea) .

Expenses less than Php20,000 for 5 days!! 💰